Rent a bike


Explore Dovrefjell by bike

There are many great bike paths in Dovrefjell. Most of them are not marked, so we recommend you bring a map.

Many of the paths cross forrests and mountains, so we also recommend you bring suitable clothes and equipment. We also recommend the «Tour de Dovre» – a great round trip that takes you across Dovrefjell and through the magnificent valley Grimsdalen.

Rent a bike and enjoy a great nature experience. We have bikes for both children and adults and we also offer electric bikes.

Where can I pick up the bike?

We have partnered up with hotels and mountain lodges across Dovrefjell, so you can start – and end – the trip where you'd like. You can also pick up and deliver your bike at Jo Holum sportsservice in the center of Dombås.

What's included?

When you rent a bike, you'll also get a helmet, a bike pump and a luggage bag.


What's the price?

Bike for adults
Three hours NOK 125.
One day NOK 250.
Tree days NOK 450.
Extra day NOK 125.

Bike for children
Three hours NOK 75.
One day NOK 125.
Three days NOK 225.
Extra day NOK 75.

Electric bike
Per day NOK 500.
Three hours NOK 300.